Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance In Indiana

Auto insurance is more than a good way to keep protect yourself financially if you're in an accident, it's a legal requirement. An Indiana auto insurance policy from Beacon Insurance helps you meet minimum coverage requirements and keep yourself on the road.

Your Responsibility

As we mentioned previously, auto insurance is a legal requirement for most people. There are some states where you can forego carrying auto insurance by putting down enough money that you meet state minimum requirements, but for the most part, carrying liability auto insurance is a requirement.

In some cases, you're required to go beyond simply carrying a liability insurance policy. When you're in the process of paying off a vehicle, you'll often be required to carry full coverage so the bank you borrowed from is protected. This way, lenders can recoup their money regardless of what happens to your car.

The Specifics

You may be wondering what exactly is covered by your auto insurance policy. While this will vary depending on who you choose and how much you pay, you can expect your Indiana auto insurance to protect you in a range of different scenarios. The most basic form of auto insurance is liability coverage, which is what you purchase when you only want to meet state minimums. This pays for damage to other people's property as well as their medical bills, which means you won't be held financially responsible if you get in an accident on the road.

If you want the best coverage for your car, you need to get a Beacon Insurance full coverage policy. Full coverage is similar to liability coverage except it extends that protection to you and your property. While damage to your vehicle won't be covered if you're at fault for an accident, full coverage will reimburse you for damage to your vehicle, medical bills, and repairs that result from theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

Auto Insurance Types

When it comes to auto coverage more is better than less. We can help you get the following coverages:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection
  • Collision Insurance
  • Medical/Personal-Injury Protection
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • No-Fault Insurance

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