Home Insurance

Home Insurance In Indiana

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with your home, whether it's severely damaged by a fire or somebody is injured on your property. The good news is, you can make sure you're covered with an Indiana home insurance policy from Beacon Insurance.


The most important aspect of home insurance is dwelling coverage. This is the part of your policy that covers damage to your home itself rather than what's inside it. Dwelling protection covers you in the event that your home is damaged by fire or smoke, lightning, hail, windstorms, theft or vandalism, explosion, snow, falling objects, and motor vehicle or aircraft damage, it’s important to remember that flood and earthquake insurance must be purchased separately, especially if you live in a high-risk area.

Other Structures

Other structures coverage is designed to make sure you don't have to worry damage to structures on your property aside from your home. This includes things like detached garages, tool sheds, and fences, so it's a very useful type of coverage to have for your Indiana home.

Personal Property

A home insurance policy from Beacon Insurance does more than cover your home—it also covers your personal belongings inside your home. Personal property coverage is designed to minimize the damage when you lose personal property from within your home. This loss of property could be as a result of theft, fire or something else, but the bottom line is it's usually covered by the personal property portion of your home insurance policy.


Losing personal property can be devastating, but not as bad being held liable for medical bills or damage to somebody else's property. An Indiana home insurance policy isn't just designed to protect your home and your belongings, the liability portion also covers you if somebody is injured on your property.

Auto Insurance Types

When it comes to auto coverage more is better than less. We can help you get the following coverages:

  • Liability Insurance
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection
  • Collision Insurance
  • Medical/Personal-Injury Protection
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • No-Fault Insurance

Partner Carriers

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  • American Modern
  • Anthem
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  • Assurant Flood
  • Erie
  • Foremost
  • Founders
  • Hagerty
  • Indiana Fair Plan
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  • Safeco
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