Home Insurance

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong with your home, whether it's severely damaged by a fire or somebody is injured on your property...

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is more than a good way to keep protect yourself financially if you're in an accident, it's a legal requirement...

Commercial Insurance

Insurance is most commonly used to protect cars and homes, but businesses need protection too. Therefore Beacon Insurance offers...

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Are you an Indiana resident seeking out quality insurance? If so, Beacon Insurance is here to assist you. Offering a wide range of insurance policies, our goal is to provide the coverage you need for your peace of mind. See below some of the insurance options available with Beacon Insurance.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required for all vehicles in the state of Indiana. Many policies found only require the bare minimum coverage. When you purchase auto insurance, prepare yourself and your passengers for all potential accidents and have the coverage you need.

Commercial Insurance

Do you have a small business? If so, you should invest in a quality commercial insurance policy. Unforeseen circumstances such as robberies and liability are often presented, and business owners find themselves looking down the road at debt. Purchase a policy today that will give your business a solid rock to fall back on in the event of an accident or burglary.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an optional policy that has proven to save family members from astounding debt. When you pass away, financial burdens that you may have been passed to your next of kin. Beacon Insurance can customize a policy that fits your needs even after you are gone.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance covers liability in the accidental situations that are not initially outlined. Bodily injury liability, as well as lawsuits, are often accidental situations not outlined in a standard policy. With umbrella insurance, peace of mind is available during these unfortunate situations.

Renters Insurance

Do you currently rent a home? Unfortunately, while your landlord may have home insurance on your dwelling, the insurance will only cover the structure and anything you own inside is not covered. Purchasing a renter’s insurance policy will protect your possession from theft and accidental fires among other situations.

Recreation Insurance

Do you own an outdoor business? If you provide services in the outdoors, purchasing recreation insurance is a responsibility to protect your finances and liability should an accident occur while in the outdoors or using your equipment.

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Beacon Insurance is proudly serving Indiana residents today with a variety of insurance options to fit their needs and necessities. Whether you need a personal policy or one for your business, contact one of our agents today for a quote.

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